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Sales Psychology Behind Business Conversions

Sales Psychology BehindBusiness Conversions I'm not a trained psychologist or sociologist, but I can guarantee you one thing from my experience with sales - people buy emotionally and justify their purchases rationally.How can you capatilise on the mystical super powers that precede the sales philosophy of "features and benefits"? These are... Psychological Triggers.These " [...]

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Privacy Policy Template

To meet most eCommerce web standards, a Privacy Policy is required by almost all Businesses. We have supplied a Privacy Policy template which may be downloaded and utilised in your site free of charge..This privacy policy template features and disclosures the required information you need to display to your customers to let them know what information you collect. This is ge [...]

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SEO has Never Been Easy

Anyone who tells you SEO is easy, hasn't been doing it for long, or they are trying to sell you snake oil or affiliate links. Search Engine Land By the Sea Template White Board Friday to Sell SEO in 5 min with [...]

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BackupBuddy Review and the Process for Restoring a WordPress Site

So the other day I finished a new website for a client and had to migrate it from the sub-domain to the client website. I used BackupBuddy to complete this process – I’ve had the product ongoing for about 4 years now and love it. My BackupBuddy review is from my personal expertise of using it. I must say I really dislike some cheap web hosting companies that do not provide [...]

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Ever Considers Creating a Mobile App?

​ Recently we released a mobile app for a site we have. We have another website that has an iPhone App and we get as many sign ups for the website via Google as we do via iTunes. I bet you hadn't considered releasing a Mobile App because you thought it was too hard or expensive. Free Mobile App by The mobile App we released for is [...]

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How to drive additional traffic to your website without spending money on Advertising

Have you considered how you can drive additional traffic to your website without spending money on Adwords or some other form of paid traffic. I hear it all that time that I don’t want to spend money on advertising. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me as it cost money to make money. So the basic premise is, the more quality back links you have to your website the h [...]

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Keyword Research Tool Alternatives to Google Keyword Planner

Well we've put together a compilation of Keyword Research Tools to help you find and develop the right keyword ideas for your business. The one thing with online marketing is, it is always a changing landscape and tools that are here today are gone tomorrow.  Like YouTube ​Keyword tool which is replaced by the Display Planner.List of Keyword Research Tools​ Quick Navi [...]

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Halloween Icon Set

With Halloween fast approaching will you be creating a Halloween post for your website? Now is the time to start preparing for that Halloween inspired pumpkin, spider, trick or treat post with our awesome Halloween icon set. This 42 piece Halloween image vector icon set can truly scare the devil out of anyone. Boo! Download the free Halloween vector icon set So with our [...]

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