Conversion Rates – Why Bing Needs To Pick Up Their Game

So let’s start with what is a website conversion rate? It’s when someone visits your website and they take the desired action that you are hoping for. Such as buy something, complete a website form such as request a quote, or complete a form to subscribe to your email list.

Why should I care about my website conversion rates?

Conversion rates are an important component with any website. By tuning your website design you can increase your sales or whatever it is you count as a conversion - without generating any additional website traffic.

Often small changes of the words on the button or even the color or even the layout of the page can reduce bounce rates and increase conversations. However you need to do the upfront work.

We used to track which of our logos were more popular. But honestly with the layout of a page you need take it a little further and use tools like

Recently we undertook a number of tests on both Google and Bing search interfaces on mobile and desktop devices through Feng-Gui. There were 4 areas tested.


Heatmap displays the most attractive elements on the page. The idea is the report is predicting eye tracking. The colors range from Green – Low, Yellow – Medium, Red – High levels of attention. No color meaning this area was totally over looked.

Gaze Plot

Gaze Plot report is also referred to as Scanpath. And provides the areas on the page that were looked at first through to the last one. The lower the number the earlier it was viewed.


Areas shown in black are ignored.

Areas of Interest (AOI’s)

With this you are able to mark sections on the page to understand the interest levels. The higher the percentage the higher the level of interest.

Google​ vs Bing in the Mobile Race of Conversion Rates

These tests were undertaking on a Nexus 5 with only the content from within the browser.

In both cases the most prominent real estate on the page was paid ads. Both search engines know this and obviously charge a premium for this.


Below are the results of the Heatmap tests on both Google and Bing.

Interestingly enough, the most prominent feature on Bing mobile search is their logo which is great for their branding - but not so much for their Bing Ad customers.

Whereas on Google the most prominent areas are the Orange Ad buttons and then the Blue Search button. And closely after this the telephone Call icon. So it is certainly worth using the Call Extension in Adwords.

Bing Mobile Serach Heatmap
Google Mobile Serach Heatmap

Gaze Plot

On Bing the Gaze path starts with the Bing Logo – which is great for Bing for brand recognition but it is not until number 4 where State Farm’s phone number is in their Title. And number 5 being the 40% in the “Discounts Up To 40%!”

Whereas with Google the 1st is the top Orange Ads icon, then the Blue Google Search button and 3rd again being the Orange Ad icon. Again 4th Gaze is at the Organic listing on the page by Progressive.

Gaze Plot Bing Mobile Search
Google Search Mobile Search Gaze Plot


With Bing, irrespective of you having an organic listing or a paid listing, your listing gets a fare showing.

Whereas with Google, the closer to the top of the page the more visibility you get. And the Orange Ad icons and telephone Call are much more prominent than the organic listings.

Opacity Bing Mobile Results
Opacity Google Mobile Results

Areas of Interest (AOI’s)

Bing’s pretty straight forward, at the top of the page has more areas of interest and as you move down the page these decrease. The 3 areas of the highest level of interest are the Bing Icon, the search area and then WEB displayed under the Bing Logo. The poor performer is the Phone Number – if this was a different color or bold then this may be of a higher level of interest.

The Bing Paid Ad listings are 61% of interest were as with Google Paid listings are 88% and 81% of Interest.

With Google, the highest level of Interest is the first Paid Ad with an AOI of 88% and their Call button having a 67% rating.

It certainly appears that by advertising on Google Adwords there is a higher degree of interest for Paid listings that organic listings.

AOIs Map Bing Mobile Search
AOIs Map Google Mobile Search

In the mobile space Google seems to have a far better call to action for their Paid Advertisers. If I was Bing – I’d certainly look at trying to highlight the Phone Call extension button. As it is not viewed at all in the Opacity test.

What We Do

On the Hook Traffic website we utilize a product called Thrive Content Builder which is a WordPress plugin - which allows you too easily format pages and insert Call to Action buttons and customize the colors of these buttons.

Honestly, Bing has a lot more money than we do for design and I think they truly need to pick up their game, if they want to compete against Google.

Do you have any questions? Or comments on this article - ​we'd love to hear!


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