Ever Considers Creating a Mobile App?

Recently we released a mobile app for a site we have. We have another website that has an iPhone App and we get as many sign ups for the website via Google as we do via iTunes. I bet you hadn't considered releasing a Mobile App because you thought it was too hard or expensive.

free mobile app

Free Mobile App by yChatter.co.uk

The mobile App we released for https://ychatter.co.uk/ is no more than a cut down version of the website. The website is responsive, which allows geo location and taking photos from within the website from mobile devices. It also has a Tap to Call function. Eg where you click on the phone number, then are you able to dial the number.

The App is only available for download fro the UK and a few surrounding countries. 

This is all pretty useful information when you looking for a new place to live.

The target audience is young people looking for a flatshare or student accommodation in the UK – in particular the London area.

Google Play is Just Another Search Engine for Mobile Apps

Google Play, is just another search engine just like iTunes. If you have an iPhone or an iPad have you ever gone to google.com to do a search for an App. No you always go to iTunes.

From my experience, iPhone users use their apps a little more and for a little longer. But that is not the point of this article. The point of this article is, you can create a Android App that is pretty much a replicate of you mobile website – maybe without a few bells and whistles. And you are able to gain more visitors who you can add to your mailing list or however you make money.

We used http://www.appsgeyser.com/ and the free version of the product.

It’s a pretty straight forward activity. However we have a Google Play Developer account which cost about $25, if I can remember correctly.

Either way, it’s a numbers game and the more people you get to visit your website or mobile app, than the more you can test and convert in to sales.

David Robertson