Facebook Training for Business

  • Learn How to Identify Your Audience.
  • Know how to create Rapid Engagement Content for your Facebook Fans.
  • Build a Business Facebook Super Fan base who are Engaging with your Content.
  • Create Professional Branding for your Business Facebook presence on a Budget.
  • Total Time: 2 hours 1 min only.

Module 1 - Introduction and Quick Overview

Facebook training Introduction and overview

Before you start on the Hook Traffic Facebook training for business, here’s an overview of what to expect throughout the course. This video provides a walk through of what is included in each module.

Creating an Action Plan for Your Business

Creating an Action Plan for Facebook Page

Before getting started on using Facebook to sell your product or service, let’s review your current approach to Marketing so you have a good understanding of what is working and what is not.

Module 2 - Getting Your Brand Ready for Facebook

Getting your Brand Ready for Facebook

Ok, now that we have moved into the next module, let’s take a look at what each of the videos in this module will help you do. This module is all about preparation!

Creating Slogans

creating slogans

In this video you will learn some great ways of coming up with a slogan that will stick in the minds of your customers. You will even find out a couple of websites that can help give you the inside edge on your competitors.

How to Use Colors to Sell Your Products and Services

how to use colors for your Branding

When it comes to picking colors for your website, logo or marketing material, it’s important they are conveying the right message. This video will teach you what each color means and what industry they are suited to.

Upgrade Your Logo on a Budget

Upgrade Your Logo

So if you need a logo or your current one is a bit outdated, this video will show you how you can have a new quality logo created for less than $20 and what are the key decisions you need to make about your logo.

Upgrade Your Fuzzy Logo

upgrade your fuzzy logo

The quality of your logo is important, so if you are not able to re-size your logo without it going fuzzy, then this video will show you how you can fix this problem for less than $20.

How to Use Mascots to Brand Your Company

 creating a mascot

This video gives you some different ideas on using a mascot to help brand your company and where to go to buy one.

Module 3 - Free Facebook Traffic

free facebook traffic training

So in this module we get into the basics of Facebook with each video explaining some of the key concepts and what you should be aiming for in order to sell your products or services.

Quality Over Quantity

quality over quantity facebook fans

In this video we explain the buying cycle for someone on Facebook and how to attract quality customers over quantity and why this is important.

Demographics and Frame of Mind

Demographics Training for Facebook

Getting an understanding of the characteristics of your customer is explained in this video as well ways to identify their frame of mind and what they might be buying at present. As it important to target the right audience. 

Find Groups with Active Fans

Find Facebook Groups with Active Fans

This video offers provides details on how to find relevant groups on Facebook for your keyword or niche to help grow your fan base. It then identifies what things to look for to determine if the fans are engaging on the topic.

Pinpoint and Recruit Fans

Recruiting fans can be time-consuming but is well worth the effort to establish an engaging fan base. This video provides details on how to engage and recruit fans to grow your page and to have constant engagement.

Your Fan Page Engagement

Facebook fan page engagement

In this video we advise on the frequency of posting on Facebook and type of content to post including details on how to find topics for your posts. As many people struggle to find engaging and appropriate content.

Outsource and Automate

outsource and automate

Finding a freelancer to help you outsource and automate the engagement and grown of Facebook fans is covered in this video. With details on what to look for when outsourcing - as there are many pit falls when outsourcing.

Module 4 - Create Awesome Content at a Rapid Pace

create awesome Facebook content at a rapid pace

So this is the last module and it gives you some insights into how to create content for your Facebook posts and how to does this quickly.

Creating Simple Video Intros That Will Upgrade Your Branding

Creating Simple Video Intros

This video covers the things to look for when creating a video intro and how to find someone who can do this for you. As an video intro as a professional touch to your video marketing on Facebook.

Position Your Brand As Trustworthy Through Videos

Position Your Brand As Trustworthy Through Videos

How to go about creating an informational video that will solve a problem for your customer. Because when you help solve problems for you become an authority figure n your industry. It’s a real hands-on display of resources available and steps to take.

How to Boost Your Brand Through Facebook Posts

How to create Facebook content at super fast speed

Many people struggle with how to find relevant content to their industry - as you can not just post about cats all the time. This video provides you with the skills on how to able to quickly research topics that you can turn into Facebook posts that your fans will love. This is a critical skill to master.

Final Recap

This last video is a recount of each of the topics covered in the social media training to remind you of the great skills you have learnt by watching each of the videos.


Facebook Training Course for Business

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