How to drive additional traffic to your website without spending money on Advertising

Have you considered how you can drive additional traffic to your website without spending money on Adwords or some other form of paid traffic. I hear it all that time that I don’t want to spend money on advertising. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me as it cost money to make money.

So the basic premise is, the more quality back links you have to your website the higher you will be in the Google rankings.

So the question is how do you get quality backlinks?

For a lead generation website that we own, I had a cleaning infographic created and then we contacted a number of mommy blogs who maybe interested.

So here is the infographic on cleaning and how it impacts your sex life. We got a few comments regarding the title – so I guess it hit the mark on getting people to read.

So the process we followed was:

  1. ​To investigate what sorts of things got share in relation to cleaning. Now cleaning is a bit of a boring topic so we had to do a bit of digging.
  2. Then was to find out statical information regarding cleaning and how it impacts the household. This took about 4 hours of research to come up with interesting cleaning facts in how it impacts peoples family lives.
  3. Next was to consider who was the target audience. We guessed it would be mommy bloggers. So we did a number of google searches to collect the top 100 sites for a number of search terms. I partially like the SERP Link Generator plugin for Chrome from HighPosition to also you to extract the links from a Google search. I set the search to display 100 search results. Then I extracted the results.
  4. After this we reviewed the results and confirm they were actually covering blogs that may access the infographic.
  5. We also did a small social media campaign posting some the the main points from the infographic every couple of hours over a few days via twitter.
  6. Finally we did a outreach campaign, informing people of the infographic and that their reads maybe interested in the Cleaning infographic on how it may impact their sex lives. Some people were very responsive and others said they don’t cover sex on their blog even if it is in a humorous way.

David Robertson