Keyword Research Tool Alternatives to Google Keyword Planner

Well we've put together a compilation of Keyword Research Tools to help you find and develop the right keyword ideas for your business.

The one thing with online marketing is, it is always a changing landscape and tools that are here today are gone tomorrow.  Like YouTube ​Keyword tool which is replaced by the Display Planner.

List of Keyword Research Tools​



​7Search.com is a PPC search engine, an advertising platform alternative to Google and Bing. It's considered a second tier advertising platform as they don't have nearly the search volumes of Google or Bing. Whenever I've used 7Search I've also used use products like Prospecter202 to help manage the advertising campaigns.


Advanced Web Ranking


Advanced Web Ranking has a long history of providing search tools by combining data from Google search tools, 7search, SEMRush, Word tracker and Yahoo keyword search to let you see your competitors’ best keywords and help you discover your own best keywords. It allows you to add filters to refine your lists of keywords.

advanced web rankings

​Bing Keyword Tool


Bing Keyword Tool can still provide you with a whole lot of keyword data and information given that Bing and Yahoo still has millions of users.​

​Bing Ads Intelligence (BAI)


Bing Ads Intelligence is an Excel plug-in which you can use for keyword research, data collection and analysis. It uses Bing search data and can be downloaded. It provides details like click through rates on keywords from within Bing and plenty of long tail keyword to consider.

Bing Ads Intelligence  plugin for Excel

BAI plugin for Excel



BoostSuite helps small businesses by providing a keyword analysis tool that analyzes and ranks your keywords, if it is low, medium, or high competition based on monthly search volume. It includes conversion from natural search and helps to place these chosen keywords to your content to optimize.

Useful tool it actually helped us identify a number of issues with our website.

boostsuite keyword tool



Colibri.io is a SEO keyword research tool that can crawl websites for keyword ideas and compare them to your competitors’ to help you come up with better keywords. While it monitors keywords, competitors, backlinks and find opportunities through social and webplaces.

colibri .o keyword research tool

​Compete Pro


​Compete Pro uses its collected data from the top 1 million websites, with analysis and reports of data from visitor demographics, customer dashboard, paid and organic keywords, conversion measurements to help you. It allows you to understand the keywords which are driving traffic to your competitors.

complete pro keyword research of your competitors

Display Planner - YouTube Keyword Planner


The Google Display Planner replaces​ the YouTube Keyword Tool.

Google Display Planner

Don’t hit < Enter

Don’t Hit Enter Rule means that if you would just take time typing and take time to notice and just let Google auto fill to show you similar and alternative keyword results, then you will be able to see and take note of what people are searching.

Google Auto Suggest

Google Auto Suggest



Freshkey is an Amazon, Search Engine, eBay, Wikipedia and YouTube keyword suggestion tool. It can be used for keyword research and niche research purposes and a lot more.

freshkey keyword suggestion tool



​GinzaMetrics is a competitor analysis tool using MOZ data, with online updates of keyword ranking daily - comparing your site to your competitors to see how your keywords fair in the ranking. Aimed at Digital Agencies.

GinzaMetrics keyword analysis

Good Keywords


​Good Keywords lets you import files from Google keyword tools directly into your database, to identify long tail keywords, and also finds and manages negative keywords. It helps you to organize and manage your keywords.

Google Correlate


Google Correlate provides ways to find related search terms. It finds keywords that show similar patterns or trends to your keyword or keyword phrase.

Gogole correlate and identifyign additoanl keywords

Google Correlate

Google Webmaster Tools


Google Webmaster Tools are very powerful tool - it helps you identify issues on your website from manual actions through to malware. But it also shows you the keywords that you are currently ranking for and the number of impression and clicks that you are receiving. These can often be long tail keywords and with a little tuning your can get some easy traffic.​



​GrepWords is a keyword query builder which has a massive database that lets you exclude terms, choose starting words, filter by search volumes and gives you other helpful features to help you find the right keyword. You can be very specific with the keywords by using the filters.



​HitTail provides online Google keyword import and export of keyword data to Excel, real time reporting and keyword suggestions. There is also a function to identify the (not provided) data in analytic's which is seriously helpful. On top of this, there is a WordPress plugin which analyzes your website traffic and suggests keywords you should be targeting.

​HQ Suggest


​HQ Suggest is a desktop suggestion tool that is attempting to use 3 methods to provide keyword data: 1st are keyword suggestions from 9 search engines, 2nd are question related searches or queries and the 3rd are from “how to” searches that are used to get info and create content.

Internet Marketing Ninjas Keyword Combination Tool


​Internet Marketing Ninjas is a keyword search combination tool similar to merge word, that combines words and phrases that you selected to reveal all kinds of possible combinations of a list of keywords.

Internet Marketing Ninjas Keyword Combination Tool



​iSpionage is a competitor analysis tool that gathers data from Google and Yahoo. It will give you the list and important info about your top competitor to help you strategize. Other features help you build a PPC campaign and even help you clean up keyword list

iSpionage keyword tool



​Keyword Snatcher scrapes keyword suggestions and collects data from multiple sources like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and eBay. It’s better than Keyword Planner as it works deeper to come up with other combinations to provide better keywords.

keyword snatcher

Keyword Tool Dominator


​Keyword Tool Dominator uses auto suggest from Google, eBay, Bing, Amazon and Google products providing free long tail keyword research that helps find free long tails and then you download the results.

keyword tool dominator



​Jaaxy is a keyword research tool using comparative data analysis and algorithm that utilizes search engines. They produce more actual traffic numbers and look at your exact competition, taking a good look at them to help you to find the right keyword and the right keyword ideas.

jaxxy keyword research tool

​Keyword Bee


​Keyword Bee is a free keyword search tool that provides all in one view of keywords, providing analysis to help you rank keywords with competition, gathers keywords and assigns these to groups. It filters keywords to single out the most profitable.

keyword bee research tool

Keyword Canine


​Keyword Canine is a keyword tool that applies comparative analysis on keywords to determine the difficulty and rank each one. They colour assign green for easy phrases and red for difficult ones that help point you to low competition high volume phrases. It can also analyze competitor backlinks to help you come up with the right keywords.

keyword canine research tool

Keyword Discovery


​Keyword Discovery provides keyword analysis, and data on keywords your customers are using and other details like spelling errors, as well as how your keywords are affected by trends. Source of data are from the top search engines.

Keyword Discovery by Trellian

​Keyword Eye


​Keyword Eye makes keyword search easy by providing the visual tool display. It analyzes content and examines competition organic and paid keywords. It can also help with your PPC and SEO campaigns.

keyword eye

Keyword Revealer


​Keyword Revealer is a new tool that reveals hundreds of long tail keyword and keyword ideas. It can evaluate keyword difficulty ranking that helps you identify keywords that are easy to rank.

keyword revealer research tool

Keyword Spy


​Keyword Spy is a SEO and PPC research software tool that provides information by tracking search activity in a given industry, acquiring valuable inputs from your competitors, keywords and ad copies. Your able to spy on your competitors Google Ads, affiliates ads & what these affiliates are advertising and lots more. Pretty awesome tool this. 

keyword spy



​KeywordTool.io is an alternative for Google planner and Ubersuggest. It uses Google auto complete feature to get lots of long tail keywords for each keyword search. It supports 83 different languages and 194 Google domains. And it’s Free!

keyword tool io



​KGen is a Firefox add-on, calculates the strength of keywords on the page by the number of times they are used on a webpage


Long Tail Pro


​Long Tail Pro is a popular keyword search tool that can provide a means to discover keywords and search data faster that can bring in more traffic. It can provide keyword keyword ranking against Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

longtail pro

​Majestic SEO


​Majestic SEO Keyword Checker relies on its own data. The tool will show the number of times a keyword phrase has appeared in its own list. This is more of link building tool however it will certainly help you identify keyword your competition are chasing in Google.

Majestic SEO

​Market Samurai


​Market Samurai is a keyword analysis tool that gets its data from Google Keyword Planner. Provides advance strategies for finding relevant, high traffic, low competition high quality keywords.

market samurai



​Mergewords is a simple tool that helps you put together words and phrases that you place in a box to create a combination words that can significantly increase your keyword list.


MOZ Keyword Tool


​Moz is a keyword difficulty tool which provides the top 10 ranking keywords and assigns difficulty score. The tool helps to increase your ranking by providing the top 10 rank info that could eventually help bump off a competitor.




Nerdy Data is a new kind of search engine that allows you to handle complex searches using source code with keyword search feature that lets you compare search volumes visually. IT also 

NerdyData keyword search

Places Scout


​Places Scout is an automated SEO software tool, an advanced tool with an all in one solution for keyword research, competitive analysis, lead generation, rank tracking and monitoring.



​Positionly is a keyword tool made simple. It allows you to monitor and lets you react to mentions accordingly. This provides analysis of your keyword phrase while at the same time uses info about your competitors. It lets you assess your keywords and rankings to take action to improve your search engine rankings.


Raven Tool Research Central


​Raven Tool Research Central provides large data for websites and keywords, investigates website quality, backlinks and uncover related keywords and topics with fast competitor analysis.


SCRAPEBOX Keyword Scraper


​Scrapebox is a fast keyword scraper, using one keyword or more that scrapes thousands of related keywords in an instant. Using search engines and other sites suggestion features, Scrapebox takes and harvests keywords.

ScrapeBox Keyword scraper

SCRAPEBOX Keyword Scraper


Scrapebox Webpage Meta Scraper has the means to scrape title tags, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions from a list of website URLs. You can also take data like keywords from your competitors and run it on Scrapebox keyword scraper to generate more ideas.

​Screaming Frog


[email protected] SEO Spider is designed to find and sort out technical issues on your site, and can also be used for keyword research. It can crawl a website to view the keywords that are being used in the title tags and Meta fields, Urls, page title, headings and images and export it to excel so you analyze it for any keywords or SEO oppertunities​

I use this tool​ a bit for broken link building 🙂

searchmetrics Suite


​SearchMetrics Suite provides domain analysis, SEO and paid visibility, SEO and PPC rank with competitive analysis. It has fast backlinks, profile analysis, with coverage of social media networks.

search metrics



​SeCockpit is a fast generating keyword search tool that produces a massive amount of keyword phrases from just one search entry - that you can export to excel for future analysis. Keywords are generated from AdWord Synonyms, Google Suggestion Synonyms and Google Related Search Synonymes. On Top of this, SECockpit provides traffic volume estimates and Adsense earnings estimates, competitor AdWords data, plus if the exact match domain is available.

SE Cockpit

Seed Keywords


Seed Keywords is a keyword tool that has a very unique approach for collecting keyword ideas by asking friends and your contacts to come up with keyword ideas for the list to grow.

seed keywords

SEOBOOK Keyword List Generator


SEOBook Keyword List Generator is a web based software which lets you create a number keywords phrases by producing different combinations from keywords you entered, a bit similar to Mergeword.

SEOBOOK Keyword Tool


​SEOBook Keyword Tool provides tons of data that you can use to find the right keywords.

seochat Keyword Tool


​SEOChat Keyword Tool is a free and an alternative keyword suggestion tool that provides suggestions from Google, Bing, and Amazon for commercial searches and YouTube for videos.


SEOgadget for Excel


​SEOgadget for Excel is a plug-in used to connect to major APIs Majestic Seo, Moz, aHerfs, Grepwords, and SEMRush for keyword search then lets you send the data to excel for research and analysis.

SEO Power Suite


SEO Power Suite has 4 products in the tools set each of them providing different functions. However there is plenty of scope to undertake keyword research within the PowerSuite​. Rank tracking provides s Suggestion option where you are able to specific a data source. 

SEOPower Suite



SEMRush is a competitor research tool that provides all kinds of features and info on keywords, the top organic and paid keywords of your competitors, produce analytic report that you can use. Limited keywords are for free and you get a lot more if you use the paid version.​

SEM Rush



​SerpIQ is more than a keyword research tool. Not only does it filter and organize your keywords, it also finds competitor keywords, analyzes and scrutinizes them. It also functions like an SEO and looks at the backlinks and the URLs.




​Soovle is keyword suggestion tool that uses keywords from several sources from the major search engines, Answers.com, including Wikipedia.


Spy Fu


​Spy Fu is a competitor analysis tool that shows keyword ideas and lets you take a look at your competitors, from every keyword they have acquired, their organic rank and paid ads for the past several years. Paid version reveals even more.

Spy Fu



​Term Explorer is a keyword research tool that can give you at least a thousand keywords per search with matching search volumes, also shows the exact match domain


The Last Keyword Tool by Themezoom


​The Last Keyword Tool is a keyword analysis system that includes both organic or paid keyword searches with filters to reveal profitable niches with international applications.

Traffic Travis


​Traffic Travis provides SEO analysis, determines and fixes technical mistakes that can affect ranking. It monitors search engines, looks at competitors’ spot keywords that you can use and help figure out why your competitor ranks better than you.

traffic travis



​Ubersuggest is a keyword suggestion tool that saves you some time as it instantly provides the top ten, and thousands of keyword ideas that came from real user queries. It also provides vertical results for images, videos, recipes and news.

ubersuggest keyword tool

web CEO


​Web CEO provides keyword research and analysis, builds your keyword list from unlimited suggestions of keywords and phrases related to your business. It allows you to see competitor keywords to learn what works and what doesn’t and develop what is applicable for you.

web co



​WordPot is a keyword tool that lets you find niche keywords and lets you know how popular and how often it is used from its own keyword data base that was acquired from different search engines.




WordStream Keyword Tool lets you cover billions of keywords. It has a large database and also provides options for identifying Long-tail suggestions, Keyword niches, Keyword groupings and Negative Keywords.​​




Wordtracker delivers high performing keywords and a whole lot of keyword phrases to boost your search engine ranking and can reveal the number of competitions for the keyword.


WordTracker Scout


Word Tracker Scout is a Google Chrome plug-in, with a huge database of keyword searches that are provided by real people, the actual ready to buy keywords used by customers .

WordTracker Chrome Plugin

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