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To meet most eCommerce web standards, a Privacy Policy is required by almost all Businesses. We have supplied a Privacy Policy template which may be downloaded and utilised in your site free of charge..

This privacy policy template features and disclosures the required information you need to display to your customers to let them know what information you collect. This is generally sensitive information like:

  • type of website cookie (if using any retargeting)
  • the ways in which that personal information may be utilised
  • the safety measures used to safeguard the personal information

This privacy document was created for use in relation to websites which process and gather private information. Its objective will be to empower site providers to meet their duties under data protection legislation.

Privacy Policy Download Page

Fill out this form to gain access to our free privacy policy templates, where you can choose a template that suits your business the best.

Please read the privacy policy template very attentively and make the necessary adjustments as required to change the privacy policy to suit your website, company requirements and national data protection legislation laws. It might not be suitable for websites which procure or obtain large amounts of private information or sensitive private advice; nor should it be unanticipated uses of private info or it suited to sites which can make elicit/unusual or unanticipated uses of personal information.

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