We've created this resource page to help you with your website and traffic needs! We’ll add to this, as we find new and exciting opportunities. We recommend you bookmark this page for your future reference!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. So we will earn a commission if you purchase from these at no additional cost to you. We only recommend these, because we have had a positive experience by using these products or services. Not because we make a small commission if you decide to buy something. Please only purchase products that you feel will help you accomplish your goals with your business.

Most Recommended Products and Services

We use these products or services because they make things easier - it’s that simple and I’m sure you will agree too.

Now BlueHost, I highly recommend you use this for your small business website on their smallest plan.  It’s incredibly easy to use with the 1 Click install of WordPress.
Click on this link to get a discount off the normal price!

With any website you need to make them look as good as possible. We purchased Thrive Content Builder when it was first released and it was an excellent purchase! This WordPress plugin is extremely cool and powerful as it is a point and click design tool that is super easy to use with fantastic support! If you want truly great looking landing pages that convert then I highly recommend Thrive Content Builder.

This little gem we have used for a number of years to analyse the backlinks our competitors have and to track our keyword rankings. This is a cheap and cheerful tool to analyse backlinks, monitor keyword rankings and much much more. We use Rank Tracker to monitor our keyword rankings for all of our clients daily.
Download a copy of the Free Edition of SEO PowerSuite!

We have had this subscription service for a number of years now. With any business you get to a point where you need some industrial tools to get the job done - when time is of the essence that is where SE CockPit steps in. We utilize this extremely powerful keyword tool.

It’s a bit like Google’s Keywords Planner on steroids. It has 4 powerful options to find keyword phrases, to understand the traffic and the CPC. And then there is the super fast BacklinkSpy. If you are serious about internet marketing and have a number of clients then this is the tool for you.
Checkout SE CockPit and Backlink Spy

So you have got your social media accounts and you need to manage everything going forward. Plus you want to know what your competition are doing, then this is where BuzzBundle helps out.
Click here to get your Free BuzzBundle Trial


Theme Forest – After a single theme, then check out Theme Forest. There are truly many fantastic themes and they are reasonably priced. Over the years we have purchased many of themes from these guys.

Usability Hub – Get feedback on what people think of your landing page or logo. It can be difficult to know if you have a clear "Call to Action" or if the page looks good or even Trust Worthy. That is where UsabiltyHub can help out and there is even a free version available.

Feng-GUI - Great automated tool to help pin point prominent features on your Page and help improve the Call to Action.

BackupBuddy - This is a great tool - as we schedule daily back​ups and have them automatically copied to DropBox. You need to ensure that it works with your Hosting Company - it works with BlueHost. Check out our BackupBuddy Review and step guide to restoring a WordPress site with BackupBuddy.


BlueHost – Cheap reliable hosting. With great support and 1 Click easy to install apps available like WordPress.

Keyword Research

SE CockPit - The best keyword research tool we have ever used.

Google Keyword Plan – Free and a great start to building any website. As you website relies on what keywords people use to find you.

Bing Ads Intelligence – an MS Excel tool for discovering new keywords for the Bing network! Really good at discovering traffic volumes on Bing.

KeywordSpy – Need to learn about your competition for your Adwords campaign? This this is the tools for you with this inside information you really get a leg up on the competition.

Need a Coupon for Bing Ads or Adwords.

Mobile Apps

AppsMoment – Create Simple mobile apps for Android, iPhones and iPads simply and quickly!

Money & Carts

PayPal – Our business relies on them as it is a very trusted payment option.

Images, Banners & Logos

GraphicRiver - Great quality stock images starting from $1, how can you go wrong with this.

PhotoDune - Royalty Free Stock Photos​

Jpeg Optimizer is a cool site that compresses jpegs.

20Dollar Banners – when you just need a hassle free process to get banner ads.

99Designs– Excellent company for creating logos, you will be truly happy.

Flickr is where you can get free photos for your website – there are a number of rules you have to follow but it’s pretty easy to get awesome pics.

Social Media

BuzzBundle – Get your Free Trial of BuzzBundle to kick start your social media campaigns.


Elance – Additional Resources
You get to a point, where you work out that you just cannot do it all by yourself, that's running your business and your website! So how can you do it all? Outsource components of your business. Website maintenance, creation of banner ads, writing of articles, social media – you name it you can outsource it. Just like any staff, the more you put into training them the better results you get out of them.

Online Jobs – Great people who are focused on making your business grow. We employ a number of staff from here and monitor their time with TimeDoctor.

oDesk – Another option to get work completed for you.

TimeDoctor – For those staff who work directly for you this enables you to monitor their time and work. This is a great productivity boost for our company and it could be for yours.


EasyVideoSuite- Extremely powerful Video tools with built in Amazon S3 support.

Camtasia - If you ever need to make videos, this is the software to use - I use it to make all our videos.

S3 Media Maestro – This is a great video player that is responsive - unlike many others. We have even used it on this site!