Sales Psychology Behind
Business Conversions

Sales Psychology

I'm not a trained psychologist or sociologist, but I can guarantee you one thing from my experience with sales - people buy emotionally and justify their purchases rationally.

How can you capatilise on the mystical super powers that precede the sales philosophy of "features and benefits"? These are... Psychological Triggers.

These "triggers" set off a green light in a potential buyers subconscious to start the buying sequence, keeping them interested and focused on your product.

Psychological triggers are the difference between a website visitor staying on your site or clicking away in the blink of an eye.

These 5 tips are by no means exhaustive, but are definitely the key "triggers" to get your prospects hooked. You're Welcome!

Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers
with these 5 Sales Psychology Triggers

Sales Psychology - 5 Pyschological Sales Triggers to Benefit Sales

1. Resonate

To truly make your website visitor feel comfortable with their experience you firstly have to identify what's your target market and who your IDEAL client is. If you haven't developed a client profile, DO IT NOW.

My own client profile is as detailed as a CSI episode (I'm a bit geeky like that 🙂 ). The profile includes age, gender, family, education, websites they visit...

The client profile will allow you to:

  • Get the tonality of your message honed
  • Use appropriate imagery and graphics
  • Appeal to your IDEAL client with the general aesthetics (colour, font etc) of your site
  • Offer the right product / service
  • Target the correct demographic / audience

2. Trust

We are a skeptical bunch, right?

Trust is the biggest barrier to a website visitor either purchasing your product / service or even contacting you.

This is something that is easily lost and much harder to retain, so working on influencing customers to trust your business from the beginning is highly effective in converting sales and keeping these clients as you move forward.

How to build trust:

  • Use of client testimonials and endorsements (client profiling will help pinpoint an appropriate person within your prospects peer group).
  • Use of relevant trade/ organizational graphics
  • Have an great "About Us" page
  • Keep things up to date (eg last blog post was 12 months ago they might think you are out of business)
  • Lower the risk factor (money back, no hidden fees etc)

3. Value

Sales Investment Psychology Behind Generating Paying Customers

Value doesn't necessarily mean slashing prices. We are looking at ADDED value.

The tipping point at which a website visitor commits to making a purchase.

The perceived value should be greater than the asking price. This could include added features, next day delivery, exclusive membership benefits, etc.

4. Delete Distraction

Grrrr the dreaded distraction. Just as your website visitor is about to buy... click click gone.

The two main distraction factors:

  • Delete all the junk that could take your visitors away from your site. This is most definitely a sensible option on sales pages. This includes all those "cool" features you've just installed on your sidebar or any offers / links to third party websites.
  • Go Skinny - Don't overwhelm your visitors with a plethitude of choices

5. Transparency (Aka Why Not?)

Any logical question that isn't answered on your site, plants a seed of doubt in your visitors mind!

Remember how we spoke about trust? If you're company isn't transparent then it's less likely your clients are going to have faith in doing business with you.

A good example of this is service based businesses not providing prices or at least a guide (eg Consultants - contact us to enquire about your 60 minute consultation).

You may have a perfectly legitimate reason not to give a price etc, but just state the reason clearly. Your innocent exclusion of certain key facts may be perceived as being evasive.

So if you're able to effectively implement this sales psychology strategy into your marketing plan, then these "triggers" will help you convert your visitors into customer that actually pay.

David Robertson